“What do scientists do on a daily basis?”

  “Do they really use microscopes for everything?”

    “How closely do real labs resemble the Batcave?”

If you've ever found yourself asking these kinds of questions, golly, do we have an event for you!

Join us from the comfort of your own home as we pull back the curtains on the secret lives of scientists.

On 18, 21, 25, and 28 May, we will follow our scientists as they reveal their world to us in exclusive live tours. Streaming live, our chat will be open for your questions about their workplace, research field and even their hobbies! You can also ask your questions on Twitter during the stream using #PintAU21.

What's happening when?

The Australian Synchrotron with Dr Eleanor Campbell
Tuesday 18 May ~ 18:30 AEST | 18:00 ACST | 16:30 AWST

Forensic Chemistry Lab with Dr William Gee
Friday 21 May ~ 18:30 AEST | 18:00 ACST | 16:30 AWST

Space Science Lab with Dr Melrose Brown
Tuesday 25 May ~ 18:30 AEST | 18:00 ACST | 16:30 AWST

Fertility and Development Labs with Dr Emanuele Pelosi and Yunan Ye
Friday 28 May ~ 18:30 AEST | 18:00 ACST | 16:30 AWST

Getting involved

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