Pint of Science Australia delivers science engagement, primarily through a national festival, that builds the Australian public's appreciation of science, contributes positively to combat inequity and negative stereotypes with the Australian science sector, establishes and supports cross-discipline collaborations, and celebrates and champions excellence in the Australian science and science engagement sectors.

From the Co-CEOs

Science has never been more important to our world. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that science plays into every aspect of our lives - from the vaccines we can access to protect ourselves and our communities against diseases, to the policies our governments implement that affect our day-to-day.

Science also helps us understand our place in the world, learn about the weird and wonderful things that life and the universe have to offer, and gives us the knowledge and tools we need to improve our lives and build a better future for ourselves and for generations to come.

This year, we are thrilled that our festival will be running in 15 cities across Australia, at 30 venues, featuring talks by 156 science communicators.

As the flagship science engagement platform for Pint of Science Australia, we're stoked that our festival will be offering such a wide spread of events, covering topics from fantastic phalluses, battling bees and the future of Al - among other curious topics.

The whole endeavour is powered by hundreds of passionate, science-interested, volunteers who've put in countless hours of hard work to make this festival possible.

We want to thank every single volunteer who has helped put this festival together, whether as part of a local team, national team, or as a speaker.

Without you, this festival wouldn't have been possible.

We're also very grateful to our sponsors of this year's festival: CropLife Australia, Stone & Wood Brisbane, and La Trobe University.

Your contributions help us sustain the festival so that we can keep the ticket prices affordable and help share cool science stories with everyone who wants to come along.

Our aim is to make science accessible, interesting, and fun foreveryone, and to showcase the latest scientific discoveries and breakthroughs in a relaxed and social environment.

Whether or not you are a scientist or student yourself, if you are someone with a curious mind, we invite you to join us on this journey of discovery and learning, and get immersed in the fascinating world of science and research.

And hey, we won't judge if you want to grab a cold one while you're at it!


Maria Roitman and Jin-oh Choi


Preview the full program hereNb. PDF Flip Books are hosted by Jin-oh Choi, Co-CEO.