Science in Action!

Dr James O'Hanlon



Artist Biography

Dr James O'Hanlon is our Artist in Residence for the 2023 Pint of Science AU Festival! James is a scientist, artist, and science communicator. As a scientist, he specialises in understanding animal behaviour. As a science communicator, he is the host and producer of In Situ Science, Stories of STEM Q and the Curiosity Built the Boilerhouse podcasts. After working as a research scientist for over a decade, he changed career directions and now works as a freelance creative at the intersection of art and science.


Artist Rationale

Science is a verb. Science isn't just something we read about in books, that happens behind closed doors. It's not just a way of seeing the world, science is a way to engage with the world and our communities. Whether you are a professional scientist, citizen scientist, school student or curious garden observer; science is something we can all do every day. This design celebrates science as an active pursuit.

The pint glass becomes a cut-out rocket ship where miniature scientists are busily making science happen. Dynamic images with movement and action celebrate science as an activity that is hands-on, accessible and exciting. It will showcase current Australian research and provide a launching pad for discussions about ways that everyone can take part in science.

Find out more about James' designs here, or follow him on Facebook and Instagram.