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Unveiling Biological Secrets: From Estuarine Ecology to Disease Detection

Past event - 2024
14 May Doors: 6:30PM. Event times: 7-8:30PM
The Happy Wombat, 575 Hunter St, Newcastle, NSW 2302
Get hooked on the unexpected tales of estuarine fish, courtesy of sonar tech, then take a deep breath as nanotechnology revolutionises disease detection.

Seeing in the dark: revealing fish movement in estuaries

Associate Professor Troy Gaston (The University of Newcastle)
Estuarine habitats such as seagrass, mangroves and saltmarsh provide food and shelter for juvenile fish, but what about the big fish? An imaging sonar can “see in the dark” and allows us to quantify size and biomass of large-bodied fish using these critical habitats.

Breath of discovery: Nanotechnology used for a disease breathalyser

Dr Renee Goreham (The University of Newcastle)
Imagine living in a world where diseases like lung cancer could be identified even before symptoms appear, offering patients a crucial head start in their fight against illness. Renee’s research is on using nanotechnology and transforming the act of breathing into a diagnostic tool for lung cancer. The unique approach zeroes in on distinctive particles present in breath, acting as markers for cancer. Renee’s research group is actively working on designing a portable and affordable device that can revolutionise early detection. Renee will discuss what nanotechnology is and how she uses it in her research to make new technologies.
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