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Whats the climate buzz? How Australia's climate came to bee

Past event - 2024
13 May Doors open 6:30pm
Event times 7-9pm
Macalister Brewing Company, 6 Danbulan St, Smithfield, Cairns, QLD 4878
From ice sheets to tropical climates and bees in hotels, how did Australia get here? And why are scientists putting bees in hotels? Join us to venture into past climate, predict the future and understand whether bees actually need hotels.

The Hungry Nomad food truck will be also be on site with food and drinks available for purchase!

Australia's climate: past present and future

Michael Bird (College of Science and Engineering/James Cook University)
250 Million years ago Australia was near the south pole. 50 Million years ago we parted company with Gondwana and drifted north, carrying a bunch of weird marsupials. Now Cairns in the tropics. This talk will cover how we know and where we are headed from here...

Past environments preserved in pollen

Cassandra Rowe (James Cook University)
Palynology is a field of science focused on the study of pollen. It is interested in the structure and formation of pollen grains, their classification, as well as dispersal and preservation within nature. Palynology is a valuable tool in many areas, from agriculture to medicine. It is also an important technique in uncovering the nature of past environmental change. This is a presentation about fossilised pollen, for information about past landscapes, to trace vegetation histories, and the past climatic conditions under which ancient plants grew.

Helpful or harmful bee hotels

Holly Farnan (James Cook University)
Bee hotels are said to provide habitat for solitary bees when nesting resources are limited and are promoted as being good for bee conservation. However, artificially aggregating bee species that would usually nest far apart in nature may cause increased parasitism, predation, competition and pathogen transmission for solitary bees.
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