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Uncovering the Earth's hidden treasures

Past event - 2019
20 May Doors open 6 pm | Start time 6.30 pm | End time 8.30 pm
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Find out how researchers are using x-rays, vibrations, and invisible mining to discover valuable resources beneath the earth's surface.

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Keyhole surgery for mining

Dr Laura Kuhar (Research Team Leader, CSIRO)
What is ISR? Think keyhole surgery for mining. Come along to find out more about in-situ recovery, what its advantages are, and what research is required before it can be implemented.

Dr Kuhar is a hydrometallurgist and research team leader at CSIRO Minerals. She was selected for Science and Technology Australia's 'Superstars of STEM' and winner of South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement’s Young Science Communicators' Competition.

Imaging geology from earthly vibrations

Dr Cericia Martinez (Postdoctoral Fellow, CSIRO)
Using seismic waves to image the geology beneath our feet is common, but doing it quickly is a challenge we are tackling by designing new algorithms featuring machine learning.

Cericia is a postdoctoral fellow in the CSIRO Deep Earth Imaging Future Science Platform. As a geophysicist, she uses physics-based measurements of both natural fields (gravity) and man-made sources (seismic) to image subsurface geology.

Picks and shovels to nano-nuggets and X-rays

Dr Mark Pearce (Research Scientist, CSIRO)
Australia has lots of ore deposits but finding them is a challenge. Could high power X-rays and atom-scale maps help? Hear about some of the latest tools explorers are using to help uncover the next big prize.

Dr Pearce is a geologist from the UK who uses high power microscopes to answer fundamental questions about the history of rocks. Since 2012 he has been using this knowledge to help Australian mineral explorers find and understand their ore deposits.
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