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The afterlives of stars and species de-extinction

Past event - 2022
10 May Doors open 6:00pm | Start time 6:30pm | End time 9pm
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Sneak peek inside the afterlives of stars and how biotechnology might de-extinct species.

After the supernova: the afterlives of stars

Dr Fiona Panther (Research Associate, The University of Western Australia)
What happens to stars after they end their lives in colossal explosions that can outshine an entire galaxy? Take a peek inside the secret afterlives of stars and learn more about the mysteries of black holes and neutron stars.

Dr Fiona Panther is a research associate at the University of Western Australia and a member of OzGrav: the ARC Center of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery. She received her PhD in 2019 from the Australian National University

To de-extinct or not to de-extinct?

A/Prof Parwinder Kaur (Director, DNA Zoo Australia, The University of Western Australia)
Species are disappearing 1,000 times the natural baseline extinction rate. Advanced biotechnologies such as precise genome editing today raise the possibility that extinct species could be brought back to life. So to de-extinct or not to de-extinct?

Dr Parwinder Kaur is an award-winning scientist, a passionate leader, inspiring pioneer & positive role model with 16+ years of initiating and delivering research outcomes in biotechnology.
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