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Technology: shaping our lives

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Past event - 2019
22 May Doors open 6 pm | Start time 6.30 pm | End time 8.30 pm
Rosie O’Grady’s , 205 James St, Northbridge ,
Perth 6003
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Come along to hear about how technology is affecting every aspect of our lives, from finance to finding resources.

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The Cool Earth Project

Professor Hui Tong Chua (Head of Department, University of Western Australia)
If chemical engineering is your thing, you'll be in your element measuring the performance gain of a ground source heat pump against that of an air source heat pump in Perth conditions. Sexy stuff right? Don't knock it till you try it!

Prof. Hui Tong Chua is the Head of Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Western Australia. His key achievement is the commercialisation of his team's methane cracking technology as Hazer Group in 2015.

Bitcoin: societal change

Dr Andrzej Gwizdalski (Lecturer, Researcher, University of Western Australia)
Bitcoin technologies have started a major societal transformation that is likely to irreversibly change the institutions we deal with, and way we interact with them and each other. Come along for a fascinating insight into the future.

Dr Gwizdalski is a multi award winning educator at the University of Western Australia. In 2018, he designed and taught UWA's first (and first of it's kind in the world) Masters level unit BUSN5001 Blockchain in Business. His work intersects areas of technology, economy and society.

Data mining mining data

Dr Jess Robertson (Data science lead, Unearthed)
We've come to rely on resources like copper, but it's getting harder to find them. Data science provides new tools that can help detect the subtle signs of a mineral deposit. But is it as easy as ‘take my data and find me a mine?’ (Hint: not really!)

Dr Robertson is currently the data science lead for Unearthed where he helps resource industry partners to find innovators and startups to solve real industry problems. Prior to joining Unearthed he worked on geology, fluid dynamics and data science at CSIRO.