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Savouring the Sip: Unveiling wine's secret flavours & the vibrant future of agave

Past event - 2024
15 May Door open time: 6:30 pm Event start time: 7:00 pm Event end time: 9:00 pm
Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, Adelaide, SA 5031
Indulge your senses and expand your horizons in a captivating evening that explores the intricacies of flavour perception and the agricultural innovation of Australian agave crops.

Wine flavour, anosmias and saliva

Mango Parker (The Australian Wine Research Institute)
Why don't we all like the same wines? We vary in how we experience aromas, and how we go about tasting. But our friendly oral microbiome also play a role! Come freshly flossed for best satisfaction.

Agave: a new Australian crop with a resilient spirit

Matt Salomon (University of Adelaide)
Explore the vibrant future of agave, a promising new crop. We all know agave from drinks like tequila, famous for both memorable and regrettable moments. But its potential goes far beyond that, especially in the harsh Australian environment, where this resilient plant can be part of a sustainable agricultural transformation.
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