Past event - 2023
24 May Open: 6:30 PM | Start: 7:00 PM | End: 9:00 PM
Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton, Adelaide, SA 5031
The power of our natural biodiversity and how we can save it (for the wine)!

Unlocking the Secrets of Indigenous Vineyard Yeast

Miss Natalia Caliani (PhD Student, University of Adelaide, ARC Training Centre for Innovative Wine Production)
The indigenous vineyard yeast populations can improve aromas and global perception of wine. We need to understand how sensitive they are to different stressors because that will tell us how likely they are to survive during alcohol fermentation; and how to create the best conditions for them to shine.

Natalia Caliani completed her B. Sc. degree in Argentina before moving to France to investigate how Geographic Information System (GIS) could solve soil salinity in vineyards.

The Value of Healthy Access to Nature

A/Prof Patrick O'Connor (Associate Professor, University of Adelaide)
We have used big data methods to estimate the health and tourism values of access to National Parks in South Australia. South Australian's derive more than 25:1 return on investment from current management of National Parks for enjoyment by South Australians and visitors. The value generated can be greatly enhanced by recognising the synergies between biodiversity conservation and human health and wellbeing.

Patrick O'Connor grew up and worked on farms in the South East of South Australia before studying and working around Australia and the world.
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