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Electrifying Solar Innovation

Past event - 2024
13 May Doors: 6:30PM
Event times 7PM-8:30PM
The Happy Wombat, 575 Hunter St, Newcastle, NSW 2302
The race is on to decarbonise our energy systems and solar has a strong head start, but how far can we push it? and what happens when the sun goes down? Join us as we shine a light on local solar energy research!

How much sunlight can we convert into electricity?

Dr Bruno Stefani Vicari (CSIRO)
A solar panel is a device that turns sunlight into electricity. Almost all solar panels we see today are made from “photovoltaic” silicon cells. The amount of sunlight that silicon solar cells can convert into electricity is limited by the material property. The silicon solar cells we fabricate today are very good - about as good as they can be. In this presentation, we will explore the pathways toward more efficient solar panels.

Solar Power at Night? All mirrors, no smoke.

Mike Collins (CSIRO)
A curious kid in the sun with a magnifying glass. The scalding hot tomato on your toastie. How can the science behind these concepts help us deliver clean solar energy at night? Learn how solar thermal power stations can deliver round-the-clock energy to industry and the grid.
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