Shout the volunteer team for a night *

Price: $200.00

Want to shout one of our volunteers teams a meal and a drink for a night?

Pint of Science is powered by our volunteers and we try to say thank you by making sure they get a meal and a drink on the nights they volunteer. You can help out the festival by shouting our volunteers that drink.

Please note: by purchasing this item, you are donating to the #PintAU festival and will not be sent any physical product. You will however receive our appreciation by the pintload. You will still get an email confirmation of your 'order', and as a quirk of our site we'll still need a 'postage address' but rather than us shipping you all the food and beverage for you to deliver to the volunteer (it'd probably annoy AusPost if we did that), we'll save you the effort and deliver it straight to them for you.