Space Computers

Dr Fiona Panther with Dr Tom Carruthers

Episode #10

Since the first observation of gravitational waves in 2016, the world of astrophysics has experienced a frenzy of new advances.

Dr Fiona Panther’s studies have taken her all over the world, from the UK, to New Zealand and now to Western Australia. However, the distance she has covered in her life are tiny when compared to the scope of what she is researching. 

In this episode of Mug of Science, Fiona takes us through her life as a researcher and attempts to break down the complexities of astrophysics over a cuppa with Dr Tom Carruthers.


Dr Fiona Panther is a gravitational wave astronomer at the University of Western Australia, she is part of a team of scientists who try to identify gravitational wave signals in real time and send alerts to tell astronomers around the world that black holes and neutron stars are merging.

You can find out more about Fiona at her website, and follow her on Twitter (@fipanther).



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