Engineering Bacteria

Dr Trevor Rapson with Dr Ruvi Lecamwasam

Episode #13

Can we combine human technology with biological systems?

Have a Mug of Science with Dr Trevor Rapson, Research Scientist at CSIRO. Trevor is connecting solar panels to bacterial enzymes, so we can one day make fertilizers easily and cheaply in zero-emission bioreactors. Trevor talks about how he found his way from studying medicine, to his current work in fertilizers and renewable energy. Along the way we’ll hear about some of the cutting-edge technology which may bring on the green revolution.

What is the most lifesaving invention of all time? What challenges arise when scientists with very different backgrounds come together to build a bioreactor? And what are the little victories that keep you going, when working on such a long-term goal? Join us and find out!


Trevor was awarded his PhD from the University of Queensland. He joined CSIRO in 2012 as a postdoctoral fellow. In 2015 he was promoted to a Research Scientist with Health and Biosecurity. In 2019 he joined the SynNitro team with Agriculture and Food. He is a 2015 Churchill Fellow.

You can find out more about Trevor at his website, and follow him on Twitter (@trevor_rapson).



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