Pint of Science is coming at you from across the airwaves! So connect your headphones, grab your cat (or favourite furry friend), and get comfy as our scientists bring you the latest from across Australia.

For the last few years, we've partnered with podcasters and radio presenters to record unique Pint of Science interviews throughout the month of May. From the comfort of your home, office, or daily commute, you can tune in to hear the latest in scientific research.

What's happening when?

When Radio or Podcast Presenters Topics
6 May 2021,
10:30-11:00 am
ABC Far North Queensland with Abbi Scott Emily Webster Tracking sea turtles from space
9 May 2021, 9-10am Radio Marinara with Peter Beech and Bron Burton Chanel Egan, Amy Mac Intosh and Indrani Mukherjee Pint of Science 2021, fate of radioactive contaminants in subsea pipelines and what "fools gold" tells us about the ancient ocean

9 May 2021,
11-12 pm

Einstein A Go-Go with Shane Huntington Sven Ouzman, Sophia Garlick Bock and Shauni Omond Dating Aboriginal rock art, mental health in young people and sleep mechanisms in flatworms

12 May 2021

STEMology Hugh Goold World's first synthetic eukaryotes

13 May 2021, 5pm

Roundabout on 3MDR with Graham Beal Emily McColl-Gausden Environmental DNA sampling to find platypus

14 May 2021

The Skeptic Zone Sat Dushy Communication on COVID-19 vaccine conspiracies.

16 May 2021

That’s what I call science with Niahm Chapman Jordi Nelis Smartphone-based devices for allergen detection

17 May 2021, 12pm

Curiosity Killed The Rat with Kate Huckstep Millie Scicluna, Brooke Farrugia, Amanda Krause Carnivourous marsupials, wound healing sugar polymers and how music has helped is cope with COVID-19

18 May 2021

Fuzzy Logic with Broderick Matthews Damith Herath and Keira Bai Robots can interact and work with humans and micro-expression recognition to assist in depression detection by artificial intelligence
19 May 2021 The Random Sample with Tim Macuga Tim Gibbons, Karen Lamb and Florence Gabriel Pint of Science 2021, Risking your life for a deep fried Mars bar and mathematics anxiety
20 May 2021 Branch Out with Rose Kerr Andrea Westerband Risk-taking and cost-savings in plants: bringing together ecology and economics
22 May 2021 Animalia Amanda Franklin Does looking in a mirror improve the camouflage of an animal
23 May 2021 Shirtloads of Science with Dr Karl Sage Fitzgerald Discovery of new coral species
24 May 2021 Bird Emergency with Grant Williams Elodie Camprasse Subantarctic fieldwork and seabird research
25 May 2021 Bird Emergency with Grant Williams Toby Ross Pollutants in shorebirds
26 May 2021 Bird Emergency with Grant Williams Alona Charuvi Human-wildlife conflicts with masked lapwings
26 May 2021 Animalia Justin Maire Symbiotic associations between corals and bacteria
26 May 2021 Because Language with Daniel Midgley and Hedvig Skirgård Georgia Dempster, Emma Schimke, Dr Kirsten Ellis The influence of sleep on learning and challenging the traditional expectations of who can make technology
27 May 2021 Bird Emergency with Grant Williams Ettore Camerlenghi Social systems in fairy wrens
27 May 2021 Roundabout on 3MDR with Graham Beal Rachael Dudaniec  Insects as sentinals of climate change
31 May 2021 Curiosity Killed The Rat with Kate Huckstep Chayan Chatterjee Gravitational waves
11 June 2021 Avid Podcast with Amelia Luke Whiley Metabolic profiling 

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Getting involved

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