Want to play along and share your stories with #ThisIsMyScience? We’d love for you to join in. Here are the rules :)

For Twitter

  • Prepare a max 5-tweet thread (more information on how to create a thread here
  • Where reasonable, use enticing and interesting images to help attract attention to your thread
  • Use the #ThisIsMyScience in all of your tweets. Please also tag @pintofscienceau and include the theme-specific hashtag in your first tweet (#PlanetEarth, #AtomsToGalaxies, #OurBody, #BeautifulMind, #OurSociety, #TechMeOut) (more information on hashtags can be found here); if your work fits several Pint of Science themes, feel free to include multiple theme-specific hashtags
  • When answering questions or commenting on people’s replies to your thread, please always include the #ThisIsMyScience hashtag.
  • Post the thread on Monday 11th between 9 am and 5 pm

That's it! Oh - and have a look around and read about other researchers' science. We'll be retweeting as many as we can find on Tuesday and Wednesday too, so don't worry if you don't have time to get to them all on the 11th.

Still not quite sure? Here’s an example: 

Hi everyone. For @pintofscienceau, I’ve been asked to introduce myself and what I do. Well, hi - I’m Tom and I am a biological chemist and #ThisIsMyScience. #AtomsToGalaxies

I study a shifty protein called IMP1 metallo-beta-lactamase that helps bacteria survive antibiotic treatment. Heard of golden staff - or superbugs? IMP1 is one of the ways those bugs get super. #ThisIsMyScience

The protein works by chemically changing the antibiotic into something that isn’t active. So, all the bacteria need to do is make loads of this protein, and spit it out into their environment as a really effective shield. Shifty, shifty bacteria. #ThisIsMyScience

End goal? Develop a drug that stops IMP1 from working. That way you’d be able to take one pill with both Tom’s drug in it (to break IMP1) and penicillin in it (to kill the bacteria). Sounds simple aye? But - we’re still a long way off. #ThisIsMyScience

Turns out IMP1 looks similar to other important enzymes in our body. Most attempts to find a drug to stop it, also stop those other enzymes and so would lead to side effects = bad. So - I better get back to work, but ask me questions and I’ll try to reply. #ThisIsMyScience

For Instagram 

  • Decide if you want to share your work through an Instagram story (that can be pinned to your feed if you wish) or on your Instagram feed (see the difference here)
  • Prepare enticing images or engaging videos for your story or post (find out how to upload multiple images/videos to your story, remember to keep videos short and check what length your video should be depending on the kind of post you would like to do; remember that the limit is 10 photos for a single post on your feed)
  • Video and images for stories should be shot in portrait mode, with a resolution of 1920x1080p (most phones shoot at this resolution)
  • Video and images for your feed work best in square or 4:5 ratio.
  • If you opt for a post on your feed, prepare a caption (up to 2,200 characters)
  • Include the #ThisIsMyScience hashtag in your caption or in your story so that we can find your post and share it. Please also tag @pintofscienceau and include the theme-specific hashtag (#PlanetEarth, #AtomsToGalaxies, #OurBody, #BeautifulMind, #OurSociety, #TechOut); if your work fits several Pint of Science themes, feel free to include multiple theme-specific hashtags
  • Publish your story or content on Monday 11th between 9 am and 5 pm

Let us know

If you would like to let us know you are planning to participate, we’d love a heads-up so we can make sure we don’t miss your stories! Feel free to send us an email at [email protected] before Saturday, 9th May to let us know what your topic is, what your theme is, and what your user handle/s are. Those themes again are:

  • Atoms to Galaxies (physics, chemistry, maths, astronomy),
  • Planet Earth (geosciences, plant sciences, zoology),
  • Our Body (medicine, human biology, health),
  • Beautiful Mind (neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry),
  • Our Society (law, history, politics, policy, languages), and
  • Tech Me Out (biotechnology, robotics, computers)

We'll be sharing your posts on Tuesday and Wednesday. We encourage you to engage if people ask questions.

For more tips, tricks and inspiration, check this document out.

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