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When Nemo saw Dory run and hide amongst the coral

Past event - 2019
22 May Doors open 6:30pm | Start time 7pm | End time 9pm
The Charming Squire, 3/133 Grey St, South Brisbane,
Brisbane 4101
Sold Out!
Come on a highly visual journey into one of the most beautiful places on earth. Descend into the beautiful waters of the coral reef as you explore the corals and how Nemo really does see Dory. Make sure you try the specially brewed Pint of Science festival beer by Newstead Brewing Co!

Of reefs and corals

Mr Brett Lewis (PhD student and Chief Investigator for QUT's reef project, Queensland University of Technology)
Join us tonight for an immersive experience that will taking you deep into the world of coral. You'll get an insight into the adaptions and behaviours of corals and talk about issues facing our coral reefs.

Brett Lewis's award winning work has been viewed online over 15 million times, has been featured by <250 media outlets (Nat Geo and Scientific American) and in dozens of documentaries (BBC, PBS, ABC), educational programs and museums around the world.

Seeing Nemo: Investigating clownfish vision

Mr Laurie Mitchell (PhD candidate, University of Queensland)
What do we know about the highly visual lives of reef fish? Can we find out more by using clownfish as a model reef fish to investigate the genetic-underpinning and behaviour of colour vision? Dive in to explore the answers to these colourful questions.

Laurie Mitchell is Kiwi-born and raised and graduated with a Masters from the University of Auckland. The bulk of his research is supported by an Australian Research Council Discovery grant and he is a recent recipient of an Ecological Society of Australia Holsworth research grant.