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Venoms, Varroa, Zombies and Zeros

Past event - 2024
14 May Doors open 6:00pm
Event times 6:30-8:30pm
The Beer Bar, 29-31 O'Riordan Street, Alexandria, Sydney, NSW 2015
Sold Out!
How does venom really work? How can we kill the destructive Varroa mite without killing our honeybees? Sleep deprivation – how bad is it? Should we be teaching maths in school? For answers to these penetrating questions, come and hear our speakers.

Honeybees vs. The Varroa Mite

Jessica Carter (University of Sydney)
The Varroa Destructor found its way into Australian beehives in June 2022.In just the first 15-months since, over 100 million dollars has been spent trying to save honeybees from the invasive species, and we think we might have a solution to the problem. Jessica's research group, led by Joel Mackay at the University of Sydney has found a way to make pesticides that can kill the Varroa mite, but are completely harmless to every other species on Earth - including the honeybee.

Contraceptive Sexpectations

Emmalee Ford (Family Planning Australia)
Ever wondered why there’s more options for female contraceptives compared to male ones? There's a gap between what we expect and what we'll accept. Explore the journey of how a product gets to market, the real reasons why male contraceptive trials are being cancelled, and what new trials are coming.

Sleep and Wellbeing, a fundamental connection

Carmel Harrington (Sleep for Health)
Despite the fact that sleep deprivation has consistently been shown to be correlated with inferior cognition, erratic behaviour, and poor mental and physical health, we continue to be a sleep deprived nation. Learn the fascinating science of sleep and how to master the art of a good night’s sleep.

Venom Action: from Antihero to Antidote

Tian Du (University of Sydney)
To understand how diverse venoms from jellyfish to spitting cobras function, Tian Du's research uses cutting-edge gene editing tools. By taking a large mixture of cells, disabling a different gene in each and seeing which can survive venom exposure, they can help find new and accessible venom antidotes.
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