Past event - 2023
24 May Open: 6:30 PM | Start: 7:00 PM | End: 9:00 PM
West Thebby Social Club, 51 South Rd, Thebarton, Adelaide, SA 5031
Dive into the captivating stories of how AI and Bitcoin are transforming the world as we know it.

AI: Sci-Fi to Reality

Mr Philip Kalogeras (Postgraduate Student, University of Adelaide)
LLMs: The AI Uprising - Brace yourself for an electrifying ride through a world forever changed by LLMs and AI, revolutionising programming, teaching, and professional services like never before!

Philip Kalogeras is now a Masters Student in Public Policy & Economics at University of Adelaide.

Revenge of the Nerds - The Time Has Come for Web 3.0

Mr Charlie Hargroves (Research Fellow, University of Adelaide)
Standing in the ashes of the Global Financial Crisis one man, Satoshi Nakamoto (well we don't really know who it was) rang out a clarion call for computer nerds around the world (well everyone can actually get involved) to unite to create Bitcoin... launched just 69 days later (true story) this cutting edge digital currency will change everything...

Charlie Hargroves started his work in Sustainable Development and scoured the world for innovation and creativity to solve the challenge of global warming, working with teams to create 5 international best-selling and award winning books.
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