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Soft bodies and thick skins

Past event - 2019
22 May Doors open 6:30pm | Start time 7pm | End time 9pm
Crown Hotel, 160-162 Elizabeth St, Sydney,
Sydney 2000
Sold Out!
Curiouser and curiouser ... cholesterol and collagen are two cool molecules our body creates, but why are two innovative scientists studying them?

How to make cholesterol (but not too much)

Ms Isabelle Capell-Hattam (Scientia PhD Scholar, UNSW)
How is the production of cholesterol regulated in the body? With over 20 different steps/enzymes involved in cholesterol production, plus at least two switches (transcription factors) controlling these, answering that question is no small task!

Isabelle Capell-Hattam is a 2nd year Scientia PhD Scholar at UNSW Sydney. She received a 2016 UNSW University Medal for her honours work focusing on regulation of cholesterol production. Her research was awarded an ASBMB Poster Prize at Combio 2018.

Changing the world one shoe at a time

Dr Katie Sizeland (Research Program Manager, ANSTO)
Imagine stronger sheep leather, thinner heart valves and even sausage casings with the perfect snap! This is all possible. By understanding the nanostructure and biomechanics of collagen materials we can manipulate them to improve their strength.

Dr Katie Sizeland investigates the structure of collagen materials using synchrotron techniques. She holds a PhD in Engineering and a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and Nanotechnology. She is part of Superstars of STEM and is on Homeward Bound 2019.