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Serial killer spiders, Animals & AI and plants in a changing climate

Past event - 2024
15 May Doors open 6pm
Event runs 6.30-8.30pm
UNSW Roundhouse, International Rd, Kensington, Sydney, NSW 2052
How can AI help us look after animals? How does a funnel-web live? Where will plants move to? Does the gut hold the key to improving health outcomes in infants?

How can we use artificial intelligence to support animal welfare and conservation science?

Joe Cincotta (University of NSW)
The talk explores the role of artificial intelligence in advancing animal welfare and conservation science, drawing from experiences at Taronga Zoo and other global research initiatives. It delves into how AI is being employed to deepen our understanding of animals, elevate their care, and strengthen conservation actions.

Where do we go now? How plants escape climate change.

Inna Osmolovsky (University of NSW)
Why would plants try to escape climate change by moving to warmer climates? Have they embarked on a suicide mission, or is there something else at play?

Investigating Sydney's infamous eight legged serial killers.

Caitlin Creak (University of NSW)
Australia is known for its diversity of venomous and poisonous animals, but there is one culprit specific to Sydney; Atrax robustus aka, The Sydney Funnel web spider. Caitlin is investigating their habitat niche, response to fire and how males of this species find their mates through treacherous environmental conditions.

Healthy gut, healthy brain? Improve long-term outcomes in vulnerable infants.

Kelly Clemens (University of NSW)
Enhancing the gut health of babies born to mothers affected by opioid use could be a key strategy in improving their long-term well-being. By focusing on dietary supplements like probiotics or prebiotics, we can support a healthy development and better outcomes for these vulnerable infants.
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