Past event - 2019
21 May Doors open 6.30pm | Start time 7pm | End time 10pm
The Provincial Hotel, 299 Brunswick St, Fitzroy,
Melbourne 3065
The nano-scale: it's kind of a big deal!

‘Iron-Man’ suits on the nanoscale

Dr Joseph Richardson (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Melbourne)
Imagine high-tech nano-armor for microorganisms, to protect them from toxic conditions and enhance their functioning. Full sized 'Iron-Man' suits are still a way off, but 'Iron-Man' suits on the nanoscale are already here!

Dr Richardson has degrees in industrial and systems engineering, and philosophy from University of Florida, and a PhD in chemical/biomolecular engineering from University of Melbourne. His work focuses on nano-bionic life and inspiring the public.

Playing with molecular LEGO

Dr Adam Mechler (Associate Professor in Chemistry, La Trobe University)
You know how nature builds complex molecular machines from small units that stick together, just like LEGO bricks? Well, imagine if you could develop a molecular 'LEGO set' for the design of functional nanostructured materials.

Dr Mechler obtained his PhD in Hungary where he studied artifical diamon synthesis. He worked in Sweden and the USA before moving to Australia. He joined La Trobe University in 2009, and was elected Fellow of the Royal Chemical Society in 2016.