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Mind over matter

Past event - 2019
21 May Doors open 6:30pm | Start time 7pm | End time 9pm
Crown Hotel, 160-162 Elizabeth St, Sydney,
Sydney 2000
Sold Out!
Could your next therapy session come from your pocket? What happens when your "reward molecule" misfires? Come find out about mental health and modern therapies.

Dopamine: the magic molecule

You may know that dopamine is a neuromodulator, important for learning, reward behaviours and movement. Come along to find out more about this cool molecule and discover what happens when dopamine dysfunctions.

Dr Asheeta Prasad is a Lecturer at University of New South Wales. She leads her research group on dopamine related disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and Drug addiction.

Internet-delivered CBT: handheld help

Dr Ashna Basu (Mental Health Consultant, University of New South Wales)
Once upon a time the word 'therapy' may have evoked an image of a doctor scribbling in a notebook while someone on an expensive sofa talks about their feelings. In 2019, therapy is being made accessible, affordable & available on the app store.

Dr Basu is a junior doctor with multiple publications in mental health. Having finished her terms as President of the NSW Medical Students' Council and a Board Director at Arc, she now works as a mental health consultant for tertiary institutions.