Past event - 2019
20 May Doors open 6.30pm | Start time 7pm | End time 10pm
The Provincial Hotel, 299 Brunswick St, Fitzroy,
Melbourne 3065
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The mysterious things that you'll find under the sea and what we can learn from them.

Seagrass: Why should we love it?

Miss Amanda Clarke (Former postgrad/academic/learning skills advisor, University of Newcastle)
Here's your chance to hear about the various types of seagrass meadows found in Australia, and how catchment management can affect everything from fisheries yield to problematic trophic cascades.

Amanda Clarke was formerly a postgrad/academic/learning skills advisor at the University of Newcastle. In 2016 she received both the Vice Chancellor's Award and the Academic Division Award for Professional Staff Excellence. She is a guest curator @realscientists Twitter.

Diving with the Kiwis among the penguins

Mr Matthew McArthur (Marine ecologist and science communicator, Diver Matt Incursions)
What are the challenges to marine life posed by ice in the waters around Antarctica? Find out in this talk, culminating in a step by step guide on how to SCUBA dive through three meter sea ice.

Matthew McArthur discovered that after quarter of a century studying marine life in Australian waters, an opportunity to dive and research marine life around Ross Island didn't scratch an itch so much as induce a rash. He works hard to return to Antarctica as often as possible.

Poo-reka: uncovering secrets from faecal DNA

Ms Cathy Cavallo (PhD Candidate, Monash University)
It may never have occured to you, but an amazing wealth of data can be sourced from the DNA in animal poo. You'll be fascinated by what research on little penguins and their diet reveals, but enjoy pooey stories from across the globe.

Cathy is a PhD candidate at Monash University, working with Phillip Island Nature Parks and the Australian Antarctic Division to understand the foraging ecology of little penguins and what they can teach us about their environment.