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It's not all bad! The other side of negative emotions and environments.

Past event - 2024
13 May Doors open 6pm
Event time 6.30- 8.30pm
UNSW Roundhouse, International Rd, Kensington, Sydney, NSW 2052
How far would you go for love? How far would you go for food? How do I fix my back and how do plants handle the heat of bushfires? Answers to all these questions will be found here! 

Fighting for love: is that the only answer?

Anastasia Shavrova (University of NSW)
Some animals possess intricate weaponry, which they use to challenge rivals and win over potential mates. Is fighting always an effective reproductive strategy? What fate awaits animals lacking such weaponry? Are they doomed to never find a mate?

Yes to stress! How food stress led ancient life to flourish

Indrani Mukherjee (University of NSW)
Indrani is looking at ancient life between 2 and ~1.5 billion years ago, and has found that a shortage of food in our oceans, known as nutrient stress, was a boon for evolution. This led species to start working together in symbiotic relationships, and even turning some into predators. These secrets, hidden in marine rocks, suggest nutrient stress didn’t damage life, but led animals and other organisms to interact with each other more, resulting in competition and predatory behaviour.

How to jump over the pain barrier

Yannick Gilanyi (University of NSW)
Exercise therapy has shown the largest benefits for people with chronic low back pain, more than medications and surgery, without the danger or side effects. How can we help people in pain engage with a treatment, like exercise, that seems so counter intuitive?

How to survive a bushfire: hot tips from Aussie plants

Sarah McInnes (University of NSW)
You’ve probably noticed: Australia is constantly on fire. This isn’t always a bad thing! Lots of native plants need fire to thrive in this fiery country. This talk will delve into how plants survive seemingly impossible conditions during a bushfire with chemistry, genetics, and a little bit of luck.
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