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From under the sea to under the sheets- somethings not adding up

Past event - 2024
14 May Doors open at 6
event time 6.30-8.30pm
UNSW Roundhouse, International Rd, Kensington, Sydney, NSW 2052
What are we not hearing about corals? Are there better ways to teach maths in school? Can we find better treatments for hormone related anxiety? Why aren't we all asexual? We've got some answers!

Why we shouldn't teach maths in schools

Victor Jauregui (University of NSW)
This talk presents a thought-provoking argument for de-emphasising the teaching of maths in schools, shifting the emphasis to broader skill sets which will, as a by-product, make students better at maths.

Things Researchers Don't(?) Want You to Know About Corals

Sammy Burke (University of NSW)
In an era of high information accessibility, where has research on corals fallen short, if at all? With a rise in collaboration among scientists and other bodies, has coral research followed suit, or lagged behind? Through an in-depth review of coral research, Samantha reveals the key information that researchers may not want you to know about corals.

Women’s Mental Health: The Role of Sex Hormones

Jodie Pestana (University of NSW)
Discovering the role of the menstrual cycle and pregnancy, and the ensuing fluctuations in sex hormones, on the brain and anxiety. Doing so may lead to anxiety treatments that are specifically tailored for women across their entire lifespan.

Let's talk about sex (or lack thereof)

Soleille Miller (University of NSW)
Why do males exist? Despite the efficiency of asexual reproduction, most animals on earth reproduce sexually. Soleille's research delves into the sex life of tropical stick insects, comparing genetic, phenotypic, and evolutionary outcomes of sexual vs asexual reproduction in the wild.
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