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From stars to atoms

Past event - 2022
09 May Doors open 6:30pm | Start time 7pm | End time 10pm
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Joins us as we explore the very extremes of nature! Discover the science from the black hole and then come back all the way down to the scale of subatomic particles!

The extreme secrets of the Universe

Dr Sara Webb (Research Fellow, Swinburne University of Technology)
The Universe is an incredible place, filled with many wonders and objects stranger than fiction. Come on an adventure as Sara breaks down the physics behind blackholes, cosmic voids and planets too extreme even for Goldilocks.

Sara is an observational astronomer who is fascinated by the unknowns. Sara uses new and exciting machine learning techniques to help identify only the most interesting sources, hoping to uncover the rarest cosmic explosions in the Universe.

Black holes: The ultimate snitches

Avi Vajpeyi (PhD Candidate, Monash University)
When black holes collide, they emit gravitational waves. Unlike light, gravitational waves aren't blocked by dust. Avi's work demonstrates what we can learn about the cloudy centers of galaxies from the black holes dancing and merging inside them.

Avi is a PhD student at Monash University. He has been working with the LIGO-scientific collaboration to study gravitational waves emitted from black hole collisions. He will be starting a postdoc position at the University of Auckland this October.

Polariton superfluids

Mitko Oldfield (PhD Candidate, ARC Centre of Excellence in Future Low Energy Electronic Technology, Monash University)
Mitko's research investigates polaritons, particles formed of light and matter that can improve circuits and reduce global warming effects.

Mitko is completing his PhD at Monash University and recently made it to the international finals in the Visualise Your Thesis competition
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