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From atoms to galaxies

Past event - 2022
10 May Doors open 6pm | Start time 6:20pm | End time 8pm
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Follow the story of humanity's hunt to understand dark matter, and to understand our present by looking back in time.

Will we find dark matter?

Ben Carew (Honours Student, The University of Queensland)
Follow the story of humanity's hunt for dark matter, from tiny subatomic particles to the most colossal experiments ever constructed, including Ben's own investigations into how dark matter may be able to effect atoms of regular matter here on Earth.

Ben is an honours student in The University of Queensland's atomic physics research team, graduating at the end of this year. Ben is pursuing a career in physics research, and is also heavily involved with science communication and teaching at UQ.

Two billion years in five days

Anthony Arnold (PhD Candidate, The University of Queensland)
Change in space happens very slowly. To understand our present, sometimes we need to simulate the evolution of interesting objects. Anthony will give you a glimpse back in time in this presentation where astrophysics meets supercomputers.

Anthony is a software specialist for a global aerospace research company, and is in the final year of his PhD in computational astrophysics.
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