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Fishy venom drugs OR deadly drugs

Past event - 2019
21 May Doors open 6:30pm | Start time 7pm | End time 9pm
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Omega or not to Omega, and how do we maintain a healthy lifestyle? And how can venomous animals help us develop novel drugs? All will be revealed. $19.90 Porterhouse steak and happiest of hours from 4-6pm. Cheap pints, $2 off glasses of wine and $10 cocktails.

Venoms: a cocktail for drug discovery

Dr Fernanda Cardoso (Research Fellow, University of Queensland)
The composition and evolution of animal venoms have fascinated the scientific community for centuries. You'll be fascinated too when you hear about how research into venoms is changing the way we develop novel drugs.

Dr Cardoso holds a MSc in Molecular Pharmacology and PhD in Immunology, and has a strong background in drug discovery. She is part of the Centre for Pain Research and manages research in ion channels modulators derived from venoms and novel drugs.

Plants as a sustainable source of fish oil

Professor Michelle Colgrave (Molecular Analysis Team Leader, CSIRO)
Omega-3 oils are sought after for heart and brain health. Originally sourced from fish, growing concerns with food security, fish stocks, and industrial fishing have led to increased interest in alternative sources of omega-3 oils. What is the science saying?

Prof Michelle Colgrave is the Molecular Analysis Team Leader in CSIRO Agriculture and Food. She uses mass spectrometry and proteomics to identify key proteins that will benefit Australia's livestock and plant industries and improve human health.
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