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Fighting back: the magic of immunity

Past event - 2019
20 May Doors open 6.30pm | Start time 7pm | End time 10pm
Richmond Bowling Club, 2 Gleadell St, Richmond,
Melbourne 3121
Find out how the body deals with foreign invaders and the science that can help defeat them.

Worms, microbiome and a whole lot of s***

Ms Katharina Stracke (PhD Student, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute)
Gastrointestinal parasites are one of the main causes for morbidity in tropical developing countries, particularly among children. We'll talk about the effects of these infections and their relationship with the host's gut microbiome.

Katharina Stracke is a final year PhD student at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, University of Melbourne. Her research is on developing diagnostic tools for detection of gastrointestinal parasitic infections, investigating their effects on child development and drug resistance.

Understanding the anti-viral response

Ms Ebony Monson (PhD Candidate, La Trobe University)
The anti-viral immune response consists of multiple networked pathways of which we know little. Understanding these pathways in more detail could help in the development of new drugs to cure previously incurable viral infections.

Ebony Monson is commencing the 3rd year of her PhD. Her work to date has been presented at multiple national and international conferences as well as state forums, for which she has received multiple awards.

Changing the game on cancer

Miss Natasha Brockwell (PhD student, La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science)
Cancer is a complex disease against which our defences often fail. Can we flip the balance back in our favour and outsmart cancer by developing immune-based therapies?

Natasha Brockwell is a final year PhD student who studies tumor immunology and is very passionate about translating her discoveries towards personalised immunotherapy in cancer. Her work has lead to several publications and international talks.