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Exercise vs physical activity

Past event - 2019
21 May Doors open 6:00pm | Start time 6:30pm | End time 8:30pm
The Happy Wombat, 575 Hunter St, Newcastle,
Newcastle 2300
Sold Out!
We've all heard it before "exercise more" - but what type of exercise? And how much?

Beyond the headlines!

Mr Tepi (Matthew) Mclaughlin (PhD Candidate, The University of Newcastle)
What's the evidence behind the headlines: "Sitting is the New Smoking" and "The Key to a Longer Life: Exercise More". Actually, the devil is in the detail. The bottom line is not in these headlines! Hint: The key is movement.

Tepi Mclaughlin is an enthusiastic advocate of movement, and rarely goes a day without tweeting about physical activity (@HealthTepi). He is a PhD student at the University of Newcastle, investigating both physical activity and sedentary behaviour!

10,000 steps: how many is really enough?

Associate Professor Mitch Duncan (NHMRC Career Development Fellow, University of Newcastle)
What's the evidence behind the '10,000 steps per day' trend, and where did this recommendation come from? We'll talk about whether it really is appropriate for everyone and just how many steps per day is enough to maximise health gains.

Associate Prof. Duncan is NHMRC Career Development Fellow at the University of Newcastle's School of Medicine and Public Health. His research aims to understand how physical activity and sleep influence health and how to improve these behaviours.

HIIT or miss?

Dr Mark Babic (Lecturer, University of Newcastle)
As our lifestyles become busier, exercise regimes tend to take a back seat. Lack of time is cited as the most common barrier to regular physical activity. Could High-Intensity Interval Training be the answer? You'll want to make time for this one!

Dr Babic has a PhD in Education, and works at the UoN as a coordinator, lecturer and tutor for the School of Education as well as Medicine and Public Health. He is an academic/researcher who looks forward to promoting health across all ages.