Past event - 2019
21 May Doors open 6.30pm | Start time 7pm | End time 10pm
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Technology is an everyday reality, but how are we using it and how does it affect us?

Household gaming and the NBN

Dr Will Balmford (Lecturer, RMIT University)
Let's talk about the use of the videogame distribution software "Steam" in local households in light of the ongoing NBN rollout., and explore videogame perception in Melbourne and the implications for future policy making.

Dr Balmford's research involves exploring the impacts of domestic videogame usage within Melbourne households, and mobile phone videogame practices around Australia. He is currently writing a book on Minecraft's educative capacity.

Of Instagram, big data, and big questions

Dr Marc Cheong (Lecturer in Data Science, Monash University)
Ever wondered how social media can be used to answer the big questions in life? In this very interactive talk, we'll discuss how social 'big data' can be used in contemporary interdisciplinary research, such as with Instagram and philosophy.

Dr Cheong is a lecturer in Data Science and one of the pioneers in Twitter metadata research (for his PhD in the early 2010s). His current work deals with interdisciplinary philosophy, in particular the link between social media and Existentialism.

The digital human body

Dr Simon Harrison (Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO Data61)
What if you could create a digital representation of your body that could help you improve your physical performance, preempt injury and disease, and assist in improving your future life? Now that's something to talk about!

Dr Simon Harrison is a senior research scientist in CSIRO Data61’s Natural Systems Modelling group. His group combines computer models of fluid and solid dynamics with musculoskeletal models of the body to study human performance, injury, food digestion, and health.
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