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Clues from nature to help society: from engineering and medicine to solving crimes

Past event - 2022
10 May Doors open 6pm | Start time 6:20pm | End time 9pm
Little Creatures, 221 Swanston Street, Geelong,
Geelong 3220
Find out what nature can teach us about making stronger materials, how poo could be used to improve mental health and how flies that feast on our bodies can be used to solve crimes.

What can your 'poo zoo' do for you?

Amelia McGuinness (PhD Candidate, Deakin University)
Did you know that there are trillions of tiny microbes that live in your gut? We are exploring how transferring these microbes from one person to another – poo transplants – may help people living with depression.

Amelia is a PhD student with a background in biomedical science and nutrition, and works on clinical trials within the Food & Mood Centre.

Using nature as an inspiration for materials

Prof Luke Henderson (Professor of Materials Chemistry, Deakin University)
Nature has developed a range of materials that have contradictory properties -. properties that usually are not able to be possessed by the one material. Luke will discuss how we can use nature to inspire next generation materials.

Luke obtained his PhD (organic chemistry) in 2007 and undertook a postdoctoral role at Oxford University. He then returned to Australia and Deakin University as an Alfred Deakin fellow and has since been promoted to Professor in 2020.

Flies – feasting on your flesh and fluids!

Dr Annalisa Durdle (Senior Lecturer, Deakin University)
Dr Natalie Gasz (Technical Officer, Deakin University)
Maggots may love a dead body, but flies also like eating you (and your juices) while you are alive! Find out how a fly can frame you for murder after eating your body fluids, or how maggots can save your life by eating your rotting flesh.

Annalisa spent four years investigating fly poo for her PhD before becoming a forensic scientist with the Victoria Police. She is now a lecturer, sharing the forensic science love with students – and anyone who will listen.

Natalie completed her PhD in 2020 and now works closely with the Forensic team at Deakin University as the Forensic Technical Officer.

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