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Biodiversity onshore and afar

Past event - 2022
11 May Doors open 6pm | Start time 6:20pm | End time 8pm
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Buckle up for a biodiversity learning adventure to the icey shores of Antarctica and the humid jungles of northern Australia.

Panda, Koala, and Penguin

Xiang Zhao (Research Student (Master's), Queensland University of Technology)
Why do we invest in protecting Pandas, Polar bears, Penguins and their habitats? Is it because they are cute and famous? Should we give the money to solve urgent issues, like poverty? In this talk, I will show you the costs and benefits behind the protection of these species.

Zhao is doing his research degree at the Queensland University of Technology and looking at conserving biodiversity in Antarctica. In 2018 and 2019, he worked in wild panda’s habitat in Southwestern China with a grant from the Birdlife International Young Conservation Leaders Awards.

Australian Tarantula biodiversity

Ethan Briggs (PhD Candidate, The University of Queensland)
Tarantulas are some of the largest spiders in the world, however many people don't even know we have such spiders in Australia! Through extensive fieldwork and use of DNA sequencing we are finding that there are many undescribed species out there.

Ethan is a born and raised Brisbane researcher. After completing an honours project on Australian tarantulas he decided to continue this research by commencing a PhD. During his PhD he plans to build foundational knowledge on the Australian fauna.
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