Past event - 2019
22 May Doors open 6.30pm | Start time 7pm | End time 10pm
Welcome to Thornbury, 520 High St, Northcote,
Melbourne 3070
This session will be a full body experience as we hear from scientists investigating diverse parts of the body - from the lungs to the ovaries!

What happens when your ovaries lose control?

Dr Kelly Walton (Research Fellow, Monash University)
Disruption to ovarian function not only effects fertility, but can also impact overall female health. Find out how a better understanding of what happens when ovaries lose control could help us develop therapies to correct ovarian function.

Dr Kelly Walton was awarded her PhD in 2008, and has since published 37 research articles and attained $1.1M in research funding. She was recently awarded the Mid Career Award by the Endocrine Society of Australia for 2019.

The nuts and bolts of lung cancer

Dr Sarah Best (Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research)
Lung cancer is the number one killer cancer in the Western world. Find out why it is so important to understand the changes underlying lung cancer development, and how this is key to improving treatments for patients.

Dr Best has a PhD in the genetics of epithelial cancer biology, and her research aims to identify new drug targets in cancer. In 2018, she received the Research Australia Griffith University Discovery Award for her research into lung cancer.