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Balancing Act: Optimising Health in Work and Wellness

Past event - 2024
15 May Door open time: 6:30 pm Event start time: 7:00 pm Event end time: 9:00 pm
Suburban Brew, 26-30 Provident Ave, Glynde, Adelaide, SA 5070
A journey of discovery into the realms of workplace health and renal wellness with our dual-feature event, where ground-breaking research intersects with practical applications for enhancing human well-being.

Creating Healthy Jobs: The Goldilocks Work Paradigm

Steph Chappel (Central Queensland University)
Goldilocks isn’t just a fairytale; its principle of finding “just right” can help redesign jobs to improve workers health. Too much or too little physical activity at work has consequences for workers health. Finding the “just right” balance will help create healthier and more sustainable jobs.

How genes play a role in kidney disease

Jantina Manning (University of South Australia)
Jantina's research has identified a new protein that is critical for a healthy kidney, by regulating salt intake. Lower levels of this protein are associated with kidney disease, and they are exploring the potential of this protein as a new therapeutic target or biomarker for disease progression.
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2024-05-14 Unlocking Neuroplasticity: From Predicting Risk to Enhancing Recovery Suburban Brew 26-30 Provident Ave, Glynde, Adelaide, SA 5070, Australia