Past event - 2018
16 May Doors 6:30pm
Event 7.00-9.30pm
2018 The Normanby Hotel, 1 Musgrave Rd,
Brisbane QLD 4059
Sold Out!
Enrich your brain by learning about it at the Normanby! Accompany your food and drink with neuron-stimulating talks about reversing the effects of alcohol on the brain and the causes of Alzheimer's disease. There will be great Pint of Science prizes to be won during trivia as well!

Inflammation, the brain and Alzheimer's disease

Dr Estella Newcombe (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland)
Alzheimer’s disease usually doesn’t have a genetic link, so understanding the underlying causes and finding treatments can be difficult. One common feature of many diseases is inflammation, but what does inflammation mean in the context of the brain?

Reversing alcohol-induced brain damages

Dr Arnauld Belmer (Postdoctoral Researcher, Queensland University of Technology)
Prolonged consumption of alcohol produces brain damages, including deficits in the ability to produce new neurons (neurogenesis). We found that a chronic treatment with the anxiolytic tandospirone reverses this reduction in neurogenesis in mice.