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A taste of fish tails

Wheelchair Accessible Venue
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors open 6:00pm | Start time 6:30pm | End time 8:30pm
Townsville Brewery Tavern, 252 Flinders Street, Townsville City,
Townsville 4810
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Fish are the most diverse group of vertebrate animals on the planet, reaching their peak on coral reefs. Come and hear about coral reef fish evolution, feeding, colourful patterns, and role in food production.

This is a special Pint of Science event with all speakers being from the same research group.

Predation on coral reefs

Michalis Mihalitsis (PhD student, James Cook University)
Predatory fishes are a primary target of coral reef fisheries. Find out about current research on how different types of predators are capturing their prey, and what implications this may have for coral reef ecosystems.

Michalis Mihalitsis is currently a PhD student at James Cook University, where he also completed his Masters degree. His work focuses on fish predation on coral reef ecosystems.

Wild fish farms under threat

Mr Renato Morais (PhD Student, James Cook University)
Coral reefs are not just pretty. They produce fish, providing protein to millions of people. But coral reef fishes depend on the reef structure to survive. With climate change and the demise of corals, how will we maintain this important source of protein?

Renato Morais is a PhD student at James Cook University, having been awarded a Lizard Island Doctoral Fellowship in 2017 to research how cyclones, coral bleaching and structure degradation affect the process of wild fish production on coral reefs.

Fish in space and time

Alexandre Siqueira (PhD Candidate, James Cook University)
Join us on a space-time journey into the evolution of fishes on coral reefs. We'll focus on herbivorous fishes and see how 50 million years of history shaped the global composition of species that we see today on coral reefs.

Alexandre Siqueira completed a MSc degree in Ecology (Brazil - 2016), after which he acted temporarily as an Ecology and Zoology Lecturer. He is currently completing his PhD at JCU, focused on understanding the evolution of coral reefs in space and time.

Fishy features

Mr Sterling Tebbett (PhD Student, James Cook University)
How do fishes, sediments and productivity interact to sustain the functioning of future coral reef configurations? Find out about some unusual morphological features of fishes that underpin these interactions.

Sterling Tebbett completed his honours on reef fish ecology in 2016, and worked as a research assistant in Prof. David Bellwood's Reef Fish Ecology and Evolution Lab until the end of 2018. He is currently a PhD candidate.

Your neighbour determines your style

Mr Christopher Hemingson (PhD Student, James Cook University)
Coral reef fish are arguably more diverse in appearance than any other animal on the planet. Have you ever wondered how such a variety of colours and patterns came to be? You may be surprised at the influence of neighbours on coral reef fish colouration.

Christopher Hemingson is a PhD candidate studying the function that colouration serves in coral reef ecosystems at James Cook University.