Pint of Science Australia outlines a set of guidelines for volunteers to ensure that diversity is taken into consideration while choosing a program of speakers and talks. 

Gender  the festival strives to implement positive action steps such as ensuring half the talks are presented by women. We also recognise that there are more than two genders and have processes in place to help our volunteers and MCs accurately and respectfully introduce our speakers. These steps help break down unconscious biases and stereotypes on 'who can be a scientist’.

Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders the festival acknowledges the first peoples of this land and recognises the elders past, present and into the future. Each night we acknowledge the local country and we strive to include research speakers from the local community.

Discipline and affiliation - the festival also makes an effort to represent all the sciences (including engineering, mathematics, medicine, technology, etc.), but with a reasonable focus on the research that is strong in the local area. As the festival grows and there are more events, we expect to be able to represent more disciplines and organisations doing research.

Career stage - the festival strives to represent the range of career stages that scientists are in. We make every effort to have researchers at various stages from PhD candidates to those with decades of experience, as well as researchers who are affiliated with non-university organisations.