Pint of Science Australia is proactively committed to operational excellence including the appropriate behaviour of all involved with the festival.

We outline a set of expectations for volunteer and speaker conduct, highlighting the actions the festival will take once made aware of any misconduct. This not only includes upholding a high-level of appropriate behaviour, but also acting with the appropriate sensitivity to privileged information (such as having access to personal contact details of other volunteers or audience members).

It is the view of the directors and the festival that witnessing inappropriate behaviour and failing to report or act normalises that inappropriate behaviour. As such, we require every volunteer and speaker to commit to call-out discriminatory, offensive or abusive behaviour if they feel equiped to and to report it to the festival executive as soon as possible to ensure an appropriate response is made.

We respect the independent investigations carried out by universities, organisations and the Australian state judicial systems, and will provide assistance and evidence if and when it is appropriate to do so. We also respect the presumption of innocence as a fundamental legal principle of the Australian judicial system and as such, any action or reporting taken by Pint of Science in relation to any specific incident will typically be treated confidentially.

Should any member of the audience wish to raise a concern regarding misconduct at any Pint of Science Australia related event, we invite them to get in touch at [email protected] and we will respond as soon as we are able to.

Further details on the actions and commitments by Pint of Science Australia can be requested by getting in touch with us. 



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This document was last updated October 2019