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Mapping the reef: From sky to sea

Wheelchair Accessible Venue
Past event - 2019
20 May Doors open 6pm | Start time 6:30pm | End time 8:30pm
Macalister Brewing Company, 6 Danbulan St, Smithfield, Smithfield,
Cairns 4878
Sold Out!
Take to the sky and jump into the water with both feet to find out about the technology used to map the Great Barrier Reef. From the shallow to deep reefs, to seagrass meadows, dive in and explore with us. Food will be available for purchase from Samosa Hub.

From drones to maps on the Great Barrier Reef

Dr Karen Joyce (Senior Lecturer, James Cook University)
Think drones are only for pretty pictures? Think again! With their super-powers, drones are fast becoming indispensable to scientific research. Come and see how they help us map coral reef habitats on the Great Barrier Reef.

Dr Joyce has been working in the field of geospatial science for 20 years. Over this time she has gained extensive experience in academia, industry, government and the military. She is a senior lecturer at JCU and the Educational Director at She Maps.

Mapping the deep Great Barrier Reef

Dr Robin Beaman (Research Fellow, James Cook University)
Already a decade long, the heroic quest to map the GBR Marine Park area is a fascinating adventure story. Come and hear about the techniques used, the results so far, and exciting plans for future mapping.

Dr Robin Beaman is a marine geologist at JCU in Cairns. His goal is to understand the geological processes that have influenced the shape of Australia’s underwater landscape, and to study the relationships between seabed habitats and marine life.

New frontiers in seagrass discovery

Dr Paul York (Senior Research Scientist, James Cook University)
Seagrass habitats are among the most valuable on the planet but global area is little better than a guess. The Seagrass Ecology Lab has been on a quest to map and understand them for four decades. Hear about their amazing journey of discovery.

Dr York is a marine ecologist working extensively in seagrass habitats. His work spans temperate and tropical regions of the world and focuses on understanding the resilience of seagrass ecosystems and the important functions and services they provide.