#PintAU19 Pins - Logo

Price: $6.00

For the first time in Australia get your very own #PintAU19 pin! Featuring either our Pint of Science Logo or the lovely Blue-ringed octopus artwork from Miriam Slater. It might look slightly different to this as we wait for stock to arrive!

We are a volunteer organisation. Most of us have uni or a main job that we need to do during the day. This means we mightn't be the quickest to get your order in the post. BUT we promise to do it as quick as we can, and most the time we expect to be as fast as the bigger sellers.

The price includes shipping but at this stage - we can only ship to addresses in Australia. Sorry - dealing with export taxes is beyond us at the moment. Shipping is included in the price.

We also can't offer refunds or exchanges for items that you've bought unless the mistake is ours. If you do have any issues - get in touch at [email protected]


Of course - we retain the copyright for all the artwork and logos etc that we use on all our stuff including websites, social accounts, and any merch we sell or give away. We love the idea of you sharing #PintAU with your friends, and are happy to approve a request for you to share content as long as you're not claiming it to be yours, but please do not take or use our artwork for your own use. If you do want to use any of our artwork - get in touch (before using it).