Radio Marinara Pint Takeover

Dr Indrani Mukherjee, researcher at the University of Tasmania joins Bron and Dr Beach from Radio Marinara to discuss her research into what "fool's gold" (pyrite) can tell us about ancient ocean chemistry. Amy MacIntosh from the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation helps us understand how we can work to understand the fate of radioactive contaminants associated with underwater pipelines. Also on the program, Chanel Egan talks all things Pint of Science and how the festival has pivoted to an online space last year and what’s on offer in the online festival this year. 

Date: 9-10 AM, 9 May 2020

Podcast/Radio: Radio Marinara (35mins02; from 13:39 to 48:40)

Speakers: Chanel Egan, Dr Indrani Mukherjee and Amy MacIntosh