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Letters and numbers

Past event - 2019
21 May Doors open 6:30 pm | Start time 7 pm | End time 9 pm
Collector Hotel, 100 George St, Parramatta,
Sydney 2150
Sold Out!
Have you ever thought about the politics of data? Hear two researches talk about how decisions are made and how a society can become more knowledgeable.

Algorithmic governance and data politics

Professor Ned Rossiter (Professor of Communication, Western Sydney University)
Want to know how algorithmic routines increasingly command the governance of organisations and personnel? We'll look at a series of cases that demonstrate the politics of data within the knowledge industries.

Prof. Ned Rossiter is a Professor of Communication in the Institute for Culture and Society, with a joint appointment in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at Western Sydney University.

Automation, knowledge, power and governance

Dr Liam Magee (Senior Research Fellow, Western Sydney University)
How does automation reconfigure practices of governance in the conduct of social research? We'll discuss the implications for methods of understanding society, and for how political power is exercised and administered.

Dr Magee researches how new technologies, including AI, simulations, and encryption standards, recondition social relations and institutions. He is part of a team recently awarded a large grant to study 'youth-related issues in the digital age'.