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Introducing: the green standard

Wheelchair Accessible Venue
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors open 6:00pm | Start time 6:30pm | End time 8:30pm
(OLD) Bolt Bar, 68 Bandjalong Cres, Aranda,
Canberra 2614
Sold Out!
Join us at Bolt Bar to learn how we are enhancing the efficiency of our agricultural systems by improving Canola oil production, and how we can speed up genetic selection in tree breeding.

DNA informed tree breeding

Dr Bala Thumma (Principle Scientist, Gondwana Genomics)
Dr Saravanan Thavamanikumar (Senior Research Scientist, Gondwana Genomics)
DNA markers-based breeding (Genomic Selection) has been promised in tree breeding for some time now. What's it all about and are we getting close?

Dr Thumma's former research at CSIRO led to the development of the CSIRO marker technology that is licensed to Gondwana Genomics. His strong technical leadership has resulted in the target genotyping by sequencing method developed at Gondwana Genomics.

Dr Thavamanikumar is the Senior Research Scientist leading the operations at Gondwana Genomics. His area of specialisation is applying DNA-based marker tech to accelerate breeding gains in trees.

Canola producing gold for Australia

Dr Kyle Reynolds (Postdoctoral Fellow, CSIRO)
The global population is growing and so are its demands, sparking research geared towards improving the efficiency of our agriculture systems and the performance of our crops. Come and find out about how we are improving the oil production of canola.

Kyle Reynolds is a third year postdoctoral fellow, following completion of his PhD in 2017 from Charles Sturt University. Based at CSIRO in Canberra, he is currently investigating the potential of increasing oil production in canola.