Past event - 2018
16 May Doors 7:00pm
Event 7.30-9.00pm
The Royal Hotel 370 Abercrombie St,
Darlington NSW 2008
Sold Out!
Come grab a drink and listen to some discussion on how large amounts of biomedical data can be visualised to advance breakthroughs and also hearing about some breakthroughs that have lead to a change in what we eat!

Visualising biomedical data

Professor Sean O'Donoghue (Senior Research Fellow and Lab Head, Garvan Institute of Medical Research (CSIRO))
I will describe visualisations we use to explore and understand cutting-edge biomedical data, including human populations, biomolecules and cells. These visualisations help to explain scientific breakthroughs and engage the community in biomedicine.

Food facts: GMOs, plant breeding and organics

Michelle Demers (PhD Candidate, The University of Sydney)
What are GMOs? Are regular plants still genetically modified? Where does organic food fit in, and how does this impact nutrition and the environment? My talk will de-mystify how gene technology works and influences what's on your dinner plate.