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Brain Health in our Modern World

Past event - 2020
13 May Streaming from
8:30-9:30PM Eastern
8:00-9:00PM Central
6:30-7:30PM Western
Your Living Room, Live stream on Youtube,
Australia 3000
Stress, stroke, emotion, dementia, ideas - all stemming from our brains, the incredible organ that makes us who we are. Join our hosted panel of researchers as we journey around the grey matter and discover the neurological and emotional health in today's society. 

This the fourth of our panel sessions in Pint AU Online this year. Tickets are free - we just would love to know how many people are watching at your place. Details will be updated in the Facebook event and will be emailed to those who 'buy' a free ticket. Alternatively, head to our YouTube page to access the Livestream.

Hosted by

Broderick Matthews (Science Communicator and podcaster)
Broderick Matthews is an experienced slime maker, science communicator, podcaster and radio host based in Canberra. He used to tour regional Australia with Questacon - The National Science and Technology Centre, catapulting cream pies and running on slime, all in the name of science. Now you can find him as a regular presenter of Fuzzy Logic on 2XXFM and hosting his non-science podcast “This Was The News”.

Stress After Stroke: Does it Affect Recovery?

Dr Madeleine Hinwood (Research academic - psychiatric epidemiology)
People recovering from stroke report high levels of stress. We'll talk about the significance of this and look at how chronic stress can both impede brain repair processes and reduce engagement with rehabilitation services.

Dr Hinwood completed her PhD in a Neuroscience lab in 2013, and a Master of Clinical Epidemiology in 2017. She is working on bringing what we know about the effects of stress on the brain from the lab into clinical research.

Do Buildings Affect your Emotions?

Isabella Bower (PhD candidate - environmental psychology)
Does the space you're in affect your mood? If so, how? Hear about research investigating whether design characteristics of interior built environments modulate neural networks involved in emotion regulation. Imagine the potential!

Isabella is a PhD candidate and Research Outputs Coordinator. She was awarded the inaugural John Eberhard Fellowship (Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture), and won the Deakin University Three-Minute Thesis competition.

Dementia – In our Genes or the Way we Live?

Dr Luke Whiley (Senior Lecturer - healthy ageing & dementia)
Dementias such as Alzheimer's disease are on the rise, but there is much we don't know about them. Why does dementia affect certain individuals, while others age without signs or symptoms? We'll ask, 'Is it in our genes or due to lifestyle?'

Dr Whiley is a Researcher at Murdoch University. He researches the complex relationship between our genes and environment using a technique called metabolic phenotyping to identify changes in our metabolism that can influence our health.

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