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Ethical considerations in the digital era

Past event - 2021
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It’s now widely claimed that data is more valuable than oil. Australia is one of the most digitally connected countries in the world, with 99% of adults using a mobile phone and two-thirds subscribed to Facebook. What are the implications of our digital footprint being used to shape the world we live in, and what say do we have in it? Join our panel and host Dr. Sophia Frentz as we uncover the black box of artificial intelligence and discuss how to protect our privacy and how to include a range of voices in the conversation to shape our digital era for the better.

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Dr Sophia Frentz (Senior Data Consultant)
Sophia has a PhD in Genetics and a large number of opinions on the intersections between science, technology, and society. Sophia is currently a Data Consultant at Eliiza and is based in Melbourne, Australia. They are one of Out for Australia’s 30 under 30 Award Winners for 2020.

Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Governance

Darren Clinch (Data Analytics Coordinator)
Darren Clinch is a Badimia man from Yamatji country in the mid-west of Western Australia. Darren’s current role as Data Analytics Coordinator with the IDN provides digital, technical and data collection, management, and analytics related solutions for research.

Digital ethics and you!

Dr Marc Cheong (Senior Fellow & Research Fellow in Digital Ethics)
My work is in the field of digital ethics, specifically looking at topics such as the existential harms of social media technologies as well as the dangers of bias in AI-based recruitment systems, from both technological and philosophical lenses.

Marc is a Digital Ethicist who is interested in the intersection of technology and philosophy (existentialism, ethics, epistemology). He is one of the early pioneers in Twitter research; and his joint work with colleagues was awarded Philosopher's Annual's Ten Best Articles in Philosophy for 2018.

Ethical considerations in the digital era

Paola will share Our Community's innovation lab journey towards enabling an ethical data science environment in the Australian Grantmaking sector. While developing text auto-classification tools Paola has explored different ethical principles, ethical frame works and digital Standards.

Paola Oliva Altamirano is a principal data scientist at Innovation Lab, Our Community/SmartyGrants. A research scientist trained in astrophysics, she is currently working on data science projects to help Australian not-for-profit organisations.

Dignity and responsible tech

Lorenn Ruster (Responsible Technology Consultant)
Together with Thea Snow from the Centre for Public Impact, Lorenn Ruster has recently undertaken research exploring the role of dignity in government AI ethics instruments. The research asks questions around our responsibility to reduce harms of technologies and protect ourselves, and future generations from their impacts ALONGSIDE a responsibility to proactively enable human flourishing.

Lorenn Ruster is a recent graduate of a Master of Applied Cybernetics at ANU's School of Cybernetics. Before her recent studies, she was a Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers Indigenous Consulting.

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