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2021 - A Space Odyssey

Past event - 2021
24 May Streaming from
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It’s 2021 and the Australian Space Agency has just announced its Trailblazer Program. This $150 million collaboration with NASA will see Australia directly support missions to land the first woman (and the next man) on the Moon by 2024, followed by the first humans on Mars. How prepared are we for long-term space travel? What are some technical, medical, psychological, and legal considerations for humans exploring the new frontier? Join us as our host Dr Hayley Teasdale and a panel of researchers discuss the possibilities and challenges of entering a new era of exploration.

Hosted by

Dr Hayley Teasdale (Policy Analyst)
Hayley is a neuroscientist having completed her PhD in 2019. She was the Lead Scientist of Halo Neuroscience before the pandemic brought her home. She is a science communication junkie, having participated in 3 Minute Thesis, FameLab, Falling Walls Lab, TEDx and of course, Pint of Science.

Astronauts to Mars: simulation and reality

Find out about research aiming to develop simulation tools for predicting the health hazards to astronauts caused by cosmic radiation.

Susanna Guatelli is an academic of the School of Physics, University of Wollongong. She has recently been awarded the Women in Physics Lecturer Medal by the Australian Institute of Physics, in recognition of her significant contribution to the field of physics.

Social theory of space science

Annie Handmer (PhD candidate)
Annie is a PhD candidate studying social theory of space science in Australia. She is also the host and creator of the Space Junk Podcast.

Researching isolated & confined environments

Dr Marc Jurblum (Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Registrar, PhD Candidate)
My field of interest encompasses space medicine, more specifically, the psychology/psychiatry of long duration spaceflight and its management including human performance in isolated and confined environments, expeditionary behaviour and team dynamics, space agency psychological support program.

Marc has degrees in Biomedical Science w Honours and Medicine. He has studied with the International Space University & lectured in Space Medicine with the Space Life Sciences Committee of the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine. He's currently a PhD candidate and a Senior Psychiatry Registrar.

Manned entry to Mars and re-entry to Earth

Eduardo Trifoni (Space Test Scientist, National Space Test Facility Manager)
Discover the challenges of Mars hypersonic entry and Earth high speed re-entry.

Eduardo is a space test scientist leading the National Space Test Facility at ANU Mt Stromlo campus. He contributed to the development of several space vehicles able to withstand the hypersonic entry into planetary atmosphere.

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